Testosterone Therapy

October 14, 2013
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At some point in the life of an aging male, he may experience erectile dysfunction or ED. This disorder, which is also known as impotency, is the inability of a male to obtain an erection to engage in sexual intercourse or to maintain an erection long enough to complete a sexual activity. Since sexual arousal […]

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Viagra Overdosage Reports Sensational But Overstated

October 3, 2013
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Viagra is an enlargement drug to help with the condition known as erectile deficiency. It helps men sustain erections during arousal, though it does not cause arousal in of itself. It is not an aphrodisiac, but a prescription drug that improves performance in bed through a harder and longer lasting erection. There is a general […]

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Penis Enlargement

After several years of conducting penis enlargement reviews and studying various penis enlargement devices, we have found the best enlargement products designed to enlarge your penis safely and will share that information with you here. First, it is important to remember before you spend time and money on any product claiming to enlarge your penis that you are cautious.

  • You never want to risk your health when trying to enlarge your penis.
  • You will have to spend money to get results. There are many scams and imitations out there, but you get what you pay for.
  • You should know the ingredients and compare the amounts of effective active ingredients.
  • Be cautious of scams when it comes to the re-billing cycle. You should be able to make a one-time purchase of your chosen penis enlargement product and not have to sign up for recurring charges. These are the scams where they claim that your product will auto ship and your credit card will be charged. Do not fall for scams.

Penis Extenders Penis extenders are one of the most effective penis enlargement methods. They deliver the right level of pressure and traction to increase the size of the penis. Traction is a gentle and safe way to add inches the average penis size. It works on the premise that areas of the body that are subjected to constant stretching will cause cells in that area to multiply. The increased production of cells will increase tissue mass. To achieve optimal results using an extender, it needs to be used consistently. Beginning wearers are advised to wear the extender 2 to 3 hours a day. After a few weeks it should be worn 6-8 hours a day. Improvements in the penis are seen as soon as one month after use. The design of penis extenders has undergone many changes. They are now more comfortable and are wearable under pants. They only need to be taken off when urinating. The harness system is the most commonly used design of the extender. The penis is placed in the unit and the wearer gradually adjusts it as the penis becomes larger.

SizeGenetics – #1 Recommended Penis Extender

SizeGenetics has been available for more than a decade, helping thousands of men reach their ideal penis length. Over this time they have continued to develop the device, based on user feedback. The SizeGenetics System has been rated number 1 for many reasons;

Size Genetics

It can help extender the length of penis by inches

It can help increase the girth of penis

It is used by people to help straighten curvatures

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What Makes SizeGenetics Different?

There are a number of penis extenders on the market, although not all of these are of the same quality. There have been reports of cheaper devices causing pinching and discomfort when worn, this results in it not being able to worn as long and in turn this can affect the results that can be seen. The SizeGenetics device has been developed with comfort in mind, it can be worn in 16 different ways and also features a MDA(Multi Directional Angling) design. You will be able to wear a device for longer if it is more comfortable, which results in you seeing better results.

One thing to note is that SizeGenetics carries the CE symbol, which means that it is a registered medical type 1 device. This means that the parts of the device have been medically certified as safe.

SizeGenetics Key Features

The key features of the SizeGenetics system are;

16 Way Comfort + Velcro X Strap – More comfort, which means better size gains

180 Day Money Back Guarantee - Have reassurance that if you see no results, you can get your money back!

Medically Backed & Clinically Proven - Get the gains your after using a proven and safe method.

After Sales Support - Get support by SizeGenetics trained staff via email or phone.

FREE Bonuses – including: PenisHealth Exercises, Traction Plus Power, Device Wipes, Spare Parts, and More!

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Penis Pump

The penis pump is another non-surgical method to increase the size of the penis. Penis pumps are simple in design. They are comprised of a pump that is attached to a cylinder. The airtight cylinder is placed over the penis. Either through the manual or electrical operation, the air is pumped out of the cylinder which creates a vacuum.

The vacuum forces blood to flow directly to the penis, leading to an enlargement of the penis’s size and length. A constriction ring is then placed at the bottom of the penis to maintain the erection. The size increase is temporary and lasts long enough for intercourse. There is a low risk of side effects and the cost is inexpensive when compared to other penis enlargement methods.

Penis Weights

Penis weights can be manually used to increase the size of the penis. The weights are hung behind the glands of the penis and are suspended for duration of time. The wearer raises and lowers these weights several times. The exercise is performed for at least five minutes, but it is not recommended that this exercise last longer than ten minutes. The penis weights work on a theory similar to any weightlifting exercise.

Using penis weights is easy to do and an inexpensive means of penis enlargement. You can read about other penis enlargement exercises that may benefit the size of your penis.

Enhancement Pills and Lotions

Enhancement pills contain vitamins, herbs and amino acids. They decrease the tension in the arteries that provide blood to the penis. The increase in blood flow heightens the level of the erection. Another effect of pills is that they help to improve testosterone levels. Higher levels of testosterone help to increase the sex drive. These also contain ingredients that help to re-strengthen the tissue in the penis. Improvements do take time and are seen in a few weeks.

Lotions also contain extracts, vitamins and antioxidants. Their application method makes them fast acting. Lotions are applied liberally to the penis and the nutrients are immediately absorbed through the skin. Like other enhancement techniques, there is an increase in the amount of blood flow to the genitals causing it to expand. Penis enlargement can occur through means that do not involve surgical intervention. There are many effective, safe and inexpensive options available for men who want to consider enhancing their penis size. Some of the methods are immediate and some require sometime to see desired results, but overall men will be happy using an alternative approach to surgery.

PenisEnlargement.com offers penis enlargement reviews including penis enlargement pills, penis extenders as well as penis enlargement devices.