The average penis size for a male varies on whether the penis is flaccid or erect. Obviously, an erect penis will be larger than one at its natural, soft state and this is a concern for many men. The average penis size in a flaccid state is around 3.75 inches, while an aroused and erect penis is between six and seven inches.

The largest recorded penis today is 9.5 inches when flaccid and 13.5 inches when erect and belongs to an actor from New York named Jonah Falcon. That size is very daunting to many women and likely to not cause pleasure during intercourse. On the other end of the Jonah Falcon phenomenon is a micropenis, an unusually small penis that can even be rectified with growth hormones if treated very early in life. It may be difficult to engage in intercourse with a micropenis, but not an issue if a penis is just slightly below average at four or five inches. Many men with an average penis size feel the need to pursue penis enlargement products.

Throughout history, it has been thought that the larger the penis, the stronger and more virulent a man is. A penis is often referred to as a male’s manhood, and men believe the smaller their penis is, the less manly they are. There was a time when people believed a large penis was more apt to get a female pregnant, as the deeper it would go into the vagina, the better chance the sperm had of reaching their destination.

It has also been thought that penis size correlates with the size of the actual man in both weight and height. Some have believed the size of the foot predicts the size of the penis, and traditionally men with larger feet are taller, and in many mind tall equals stronger and more dominated. Studies across the globe have disproven this theory in modern times, as diet and lifestyle can contribute to the size of a man and when these things changed, his penis size has remained the same.

The history of believing a lager penis means a man is stronger or more masculine has carried into today’s sexual society and media. Pornographic films that young males often watch on the sly in their teens feature penises that are above average in size and women who seem to be receiving immense pleasure from this. This then evolves into common jokes about penis size and often the desire to compare in the locker room.

With all the emphasis placed on penis size, it’s no wonder that many men are finding success with non-surgical penis enlargement methods. We have found the best of the best and offer them to you here.

This average penis size discussion includes recommended enlargement methods as well as enlargement products.