Locker room jokes aside, a micropenis, not to be confused with small penis syndrome, is a real medical condition. Less than 0.6 percent of men have this condition. For the men who do, the clinical defect can be harmful to their social and sexual lives and the root of their sexual fears.

For individuals unfamiliar with the term, a micropenis is the clinical term for a smaller than normal penis. According to the clinical definition, a man has this defect if his penis is greater than 2.5 standard deviations less than a normal penis size. Although there is no true definition of normal, most doctors consider any penises smaller 2.8 inches in adult males to be micro. What is the average penis size? The condition can also be diagnosed at birth if the newborn has a penis measuring less than 0.75 inches.

Living with the Condition

Unless the male has pain associated with his groin or functional problems, being born with this condition is not technically a medical problem. Often, doctors will choose to treat males with this condition at birth. After the baby is born, they will receive a round of hormones that are intended to increase penis growth. In most cases, a few months of hormone therapy will resolve the penis size issue. If parents choose not to give their child hormones at birth, doctors have found that the same medicines are reasonably effective during puberty.

Men who are still concerned about their penis size can resort to various methods of penis enlargement. Doctors can use technique likes phalloplasty to enlarge the penis. Even without surgery, men can still have sex even with a smaller penis. Although it may not be a typical night of missionary poses, men and their partners can get creative and find methods that still produce sexual satisfaction. Men who have this medical condition still have the same amount of feeling in their genitals; the only difference is a reduction in size.


Scientists currently believe that a micropenis is created during fetal development. Hormonal imbalances in the womb or genetic defects occur and cause the penis to grow less than normal. Since androgen causes the penis to develop and grow, most researchers believe that micropenises are caused by a deficiency of androgen. At the first stage of penis growth, androgen makes the penis take shape and the scrotum form. Later on in the baby’s development, androgen will cause the penis to grow longer. Since the penis is still there with this medical condition, the androgen deficiency seems to be occurring later on.

There are other possible reasons behind having a micropenis. As many as one out of three cases of the condition involve an unspecified cause. In one notable case, the condition was caused by a cauterization gone wrong. David Reimer was an infant when his family took him in to be circumcised. The surgeon chose to do the procedure by cauterizing his penis instead of cutting it. Instead of circumcising Reimer, the surgeon ended up burning off a portion of his skin. As an adult, Reimer went through a number of procedures to reserve the harm done to his body.

Men who suffer from this condition do not have to have surgery or undergo penis enlargement. Many of the men who have a micropenis do choose to use some sort of medical procedure or device to enlarge their penis. Read 5 tips for enlargement. If the male is having difficulty going to the bathroom or does not enjoy their sexual experiences, they may elect to make their penis longer by choosing the right penis enlargement devices. Some men may also want to seek therapy or counseling. Males have a reputation for thinking bigger is better. Many men are often ostracized or made fun of for their genital size as a child. As an adult, men can choose to elongate their penis to escape the stigma of micropenises.


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