Small Penis Syndrome


Living with a small penis can lead to sexual fears, male insecurities and these feelings can make the process of penis enlargement a sensitive subject.

Small Penis Syndrome is the medical term used for the underdevelopment of the male penis. These phalluses have a flaccid length of .79 inches or less at birth and less than 1.57 inches during adulthood. This syndrome is typically diagnosed shortly after birth and is the result of improper prenatal development. Currently, .06% of the male population falls into this category.

This syndrome is caused by a prenatal deficiency in hormones needed for the development of sex organs. Insufficient androgen production in the womb can interfere with proper development of the male sex organ. This condition can also be caused by malformation due to genetic abnormalities and complications with the pituitary gland. If the condition is caught during infancy it is often treated with hormones.

Males under the age of fourteen are not diagnosed with Small Penis Syndrome as it is difficult to label the condition before puberty. Before the onset of puberty, a small penis may be indicative of a fatty mons pubis surrounding the genital area or a body frame that grows larger than the penis in the pre-pubertal phase. The majority of young males will mature grow into proportionally endowed, sexually healthy men.

Those who survive puberty only to discover nature did not leave them a “package” are likely to suffer from anxiety and psychological problems due to fears of inadequacy. Men with Small Penis Syndrome tend to become so obsessed about their below average penis size that they convince themselves that they could never sexually satisfy any woman. Sadly, many of these men have few or no sexual encounters because of their insecurities. Many that do engage in sex visit prostitutes and avoid relationships where they are certain to be ridiculed about their small penis.

Understandably, many men suffering from Small Penis Syndrome are angry. They feel cheated of a normal sex life and even their masculinity. They may experience self hatred or feel contempt and distrust for women in general. They may see females as fickle critics who are too hard to please.

Many men who feel inadequate become compulsive co-insurers of pornography, which can further escalate their anger and loneliness. Pornography does not realistically represent typical and healthy sexual encounters based on trust and intimacy and gives these men unrealistic ideas of what it means to please a woman. Also, pornography features abnormally endowed male actors. A man with a small penis may compare himself to these actors and feel even worse about their own size.

Sadly, some men even experience depression and thoughts of suicide from the hopelessness they feel. Life for a man with a small penis doesn’t need to be defined by anger, isolation, and deprivation. There are many options available to improve penis size and healthy sexual function for men with Small Penis Syndrome. Innovations in penis enlargement provide hope and options to many men with this condition.

One of the newest, most effective options for penis enlargement is the penis extender. This device is worn on for five to eight hours on the penis while it is in a flaccid state. Each day the wearer adjusts the extender to stretch the penis gradually. Like weight lifting for muscles, the extender conditions the male phallus to make it grow longer. This treatment is a great alternative for those who fear the risk and expense of surgery. The extender is an effective method of penis enlargement.

One of the oldest and most effective treatments for penis enlargement is the penile pump. A comfortable sheath is placed over the penis while air is suctioned through the tube by a hand operated pump. The result is a rush of blood throughout the shaft of the penis which makes it plump and engorged (and gives the user a fabulous sensation). This method of enlargement lasts through ejaculation. It is a safe and risk free method to achieve penis enlargement.

Many penis enlargement pills are available for men who want to increase the size and girth of their phalluses. Most formulas consist of ingredients that improve vascular function and blood flow which is what makes a penis erect. By increasing blood flow, pills create a safe and surgery free option in increasing penis size.

If you are man suffering with Small Penis Syndrome, study the vast options available to you in penis enlargement products and 5 tips for enlargement. Whatever method you choose, you will have a bigger penis. If you suffer from small penis syndrome, we are dedicated to giving you what nature didn’t and we understand your needs and desires.


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